How Can I Help You?

I work with the Law of Attraction

the most powerful law in the universe. 

I am also a specialized therapist and trainer in several methods considered to be alternative in nature.

My passion is helping people find the best in themselves.

The Law of Attraction:  the most powerful law in the universe

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach I am in the business of helping others help themselves
on the premise that no one needs fixing.

I work with my clients to help them understand that they are vibrational beings first, and that these vibrations are affecting their lives both positively and negatively. It is through asking powerful questions that the client can change.

The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations.

The universe delivers both what is wanted and or what is unwanted depending on your vibration. This vibration depends on your thoughts and emotions.  


When you feel good, your thoughts are positive and your emotion is good.


The opposite is when you feel bad or down, then your thoughts go to the negative side and what is not working in your life.


Your emotion will tell you if you feel good or bad.

When you feel joy, happiness, freedom, passion, appreciated... you vibrate high and life is easy.

When you feel fear, grief, anger, insecurity, guilt, jealousy, then you vibrate low and life is hard, you don't feel good within.

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Alternative Methods

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques are used to work with individuals who want to improve their emotional health and well-being. EFT has been used to help people with phobias, trauma, stress, and other sources of distress.

Brennan Healing Science

Barbara Brennan Healing Science is a holistic approach where you open your mind and thoughts to new ideas and emotions.

Courses & Training Workshops – I teach courses in some of the alternative areas in which I practice.









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