Meet Laurent

I am Laurent Sirois, therapist and life coach.

My passion : people.

My mission : helping them find the best in themselves

I am a guide, a support, a compass for all men wishing to heal emotionally, reach their full potential, find themselves as men and regain their inner force.

My hands are very sensitive. They capture and channel messages that people need to hear, guide my instinct, and orient me in transmitting these messages. In addition to this gift, I bring a spirited energy, active listening and a respect devoid of judgement that creates a favorable canvas for spiritual healing.

Professional Background

To acquire this expertise, I studied several holistic methods in Québec and the United States, including Brennan Healing Science and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique with Gary Craig, a technique which I have taught for many years. Added to this knowledge, I have had life coach training which contributes to accomplishing my human mission.

My Approach

I treat my patients with methods most suitable for them, that is, intuitive global massage. I am able to receive their emotions and offer them unconditional love in return, because I believe love is the strongest healing tool we have.

Since I have great skill in communicating with men, this specialized treatment is aimed mainly at them, but I can also successfully apply it to women on their path to self-accomplishment.

I am part of a network of support, mentoring and training for men, the Mankind Project (, for which I founded a division in Trois-Pistoles (email: This non-profit organization’s noble objective is “to change the world, one man at a time”.

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